Graham Butcher – Stav Teacher

With Geoff Thompson
July 2012
With Marc McYoung
June 2013

I teach Stav. I do other things as well to make a living but Stav is my primary activity. I have a dedicated Stav centre in Somerset at which to teach all aspects of Stav. See the Somerset Stav Website for classes and courses taught there.

Stav covers a very broad range of interests and activities and I cannot claim to be an expert in all of them. I practice the runic stances daily. I also do martial arts practice as regularly as I can. I believe in self–reliance and the ablility to make a living using practical, honest skills.

I also keep up my own professional development by taking training myself from the best teachers I can find. Over the past couple of years I have attended training in the following.

  • Geoff Thompson Master Class, I am certified as a level one Self Protection Instructor
  • Historical European Martial Art training at Fightcamp (I usually teach at this event as well.)
  • Guided Chaos which I have been training in at the Unity Martial Arts Centre when staying in London, a very interesting training system.
  • Marc 'Animal' McYoung Two day seminar in Bristol in June 2013, highly recomended.
  • I specialise in teaching the following areas

  • Runes, runelore and mythology
  • Runic stances
  • Stav as a martial art with a particular interest in martial training for older people. (I am 56 years old, Ivar Hafskjold a good bit older still.)
  • Stav for health and well being
  • Practical craft skills with an emphasis on wood and metal work.
  • Read some of the comments that people have made after training with me.

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