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Graham Butcher

Graham Butcher – Stav Teacher

Karl, or Craft Bindrune

Bind runes are very simple ways of recording and communicating the principles behind a given activity. By reducing the principles to six runes and arranging them around the Hagl two things are achieved. The person creating the bind rune is forced to think through a process of simplification down to the essentials of a subject. The person learning from the bind rune is presented with the essential principles in a form they should be able to remember. A lot of thinking and work will have to go into actually using the principles in a constructive way. However, the principles are all you really need if you are prepared to think for yourself.

The Karl bind rune is concerned with the practical skills involved in making and building useful things. Read More

Classes and Seminars

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Of course there is no substitute for face to face and hands on training. So, for those willing to get stuck in, you can find links to the seminars in Crewkerne this spring here. For my full programme see the calendar page.

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