Graham Butcher – Stav Teacher

Stav and Self–defence

In my life I have been generally blessed in that I have encountered very little violence. I have had a few nasty encounters, mainly when I was younger but mostly violence and I have rarely crossed paths. In one sense this makes me rather poorly qualified to teach self–defence since I do not have a massive amount of experience of hurting, or being hurt by, other people. On the other hand this may be because I am quite good at not upsetting other people or attracting violence to myself energetically.

What I have done is spent over 40 years training in martial arts and a good proportion of that time teaching too. I have been fascinated by humal interaction of all kinds, especially conflict situations. I have studied the psychological, social, energetic and spiritual aspects of human interaction, including a period of several years service in the Territorial Army. I have also attended in depth seminars with teachers such as Geoff Thompson, whose masterclass series I did in 2012 and a weekend seminar with Marc 'Animal' McYoung a year later.

I will admit that I am more interested in avoiding violence, restoring harmony and understanding why a sociopath behaves they way they do than taking instant and brutal revenge on my enemies. I certainly recognise the need for physical skills in self-defence. However, I see such abilities as a means of neutralising another person's intention to use violence to get their own way. If violence is simply not an option because the proposed victim knows how to deal with the situation then other forms of conflict resolution can, and should, be employed.

There is also a great deal to be learned about the relationship between body, mind and spirit which comes from practical martial arts training.

This means that my teaching is more about self–development than it is about using force to hurt other people. This is not to say that what I teach is not practical. Hurting other people is not really all that hard when you know what you are doing. However I do believe that not getting hurt oneself and being able to shield oneself from all kinds of violence is the most beneficial result of self–defence training.

I hold self–defence seminars in Crewkerne at least once a month, you can find details and the next date here.

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  • The Stav Summer Camp 2015 was held in Somerset in July, see the video.